Antropología Inuit

Cortometraje: Portraits at the edge of the world: Kulusuk (2015)

Film by Eldorado. Produced by Goroka. Directed by Guille Cascante and Santi Baró. Anthropologist: Francesc Bailón. Director of Photography: Bernat Sampol. Script: Raül Calàbria. Duration: 3’25». Goroka.

Traditional hunting in one of the most remote villages on Earth. In the isolated settlement of Kulusuk in southeastern Greenland, Inuit hunter Anda Kuitse carries on the customs started by his ancestors, supplying the town’s 300 inhabitants with food. Captured by filmmakers Guille Cascante and Santi Baró of travel collective Eldorado, Kuitse also celebrates time-honored traditions of poetry and song. The directors sailed aboard the Sterna—guided by captain Albert Bargués—and some of their Arctic adventure is captured in this excerpt from documentary The Smile of the Sun.

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